Join Our Team

We are always looking for intelligent, motivated, and forward thinking individuals to join our team! If this sounds like you, please send us a cover letter and resume to and tell us why you want to join our magical team. We look forward to meeting you!


We are on the lookout for amazing instructors for workout classes and teachers of other practices in the big wide world of health and wellness. We are hoping to incubate and foster new, creative workouts and experiences to bring to this thriving community of SF women (and some men). All workouts are designed with women’s bodies in mind!

Our class basics:

  • 45-minute classes are our ideal class length

  • Minimal equipment (we provide kettlebells, mats, resistance bands)

  • The studio has no mirrors, we want the focus to be on where/how you feel things

  • Enhance the mission of The Assembly

The general gist of what we want to provide:

  • Strength: let’s make it *fun* to get stronger together

  • Movement: the emotional release that comes with moving your body to music, dance-ish…

  • Chill out: stretching and mobility (lets get into those tight hips!)

Want to chat? See the space? Talk it out? Get in touch...or send along your favorite teacher who may just need a beautiful place in which to spread her wings and create!